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Rianna, The Holy Destroyer.

Scott, The Dragon Alchemist.

Marissa, The Almighty Swordmaster

Heather, The Elven Archer.

Alex, The Swift Mutant.

Kaylee, The Internet Assassin.

Regi, The Heaven’s Summoner


Brodie, The Divine Scientist

But Kaylee’s though, it’s so true

Hallie, The Fallen Captain.


Martyn, The Unstoppable Necromancer.


Connor, The Mediocre Doll

well fuck you website

Nia, The Celestial Whisper

Why hello there 2012 Halloween costume.

Mark, the Scientific Marksman

oddly accurate

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    Flare, The Hellish Oracle. Nature is truly beautiful.
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    Zack, The Celestial Superhuman. Ok.
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    Sophie, The Mediocre Messenger. NOPE.JPG *ollies outties*
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    John Redmond, the Terror’s Puppeteer.
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    Zach, The Mediocre Maniac. Oh…
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    Roxanne, The Apocalypse Necromancer. Oh..this is awkward..because I used to have a phobia of the apocalypse.
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    Lizzy, The Dragon Maniac. (Does this mean I love Zack?)
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    Elxirion, The Spiral Engineer. “You just ain’t doin’ it right~”
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    Diego, The Apocalypse Table Waiter. wat
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    Matt, The Diplomatic Messenger. hey alright
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    Drewdoi, the Sexy WizardUNF
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    So, I did this shit again, and it changed… Evan, The Rune Banana or Tini, The Hot Apostle LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
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    Big-antlers: The Diplomatic Apostle The Heavenly Cook (Well, I do like food :D)