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I think we need to stop with this race, gender, sexuality privilege bullshit. Because, just like racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. it’s forcing guilt onto people for how they were born.

It’s not that guy’s fault he was born a middle class, heterosexual white male. Don’t get mad at him for the fact society accepts him more than they accept you. Just because he’s white, straight, cisgendered, and male does not make him sexist, homophobic, racist, etc. 

This privileged crap does not advance any group. It just makes the gap between the ‘normal’ and ‘different’ people larger and spreads more hate.

How about instead of making people feel like shit, you work on accepting everyone and informing and correcting those who have actually harmed or caused offense to someone.

I’m sick of “white privilege”, “male privilege”, or the disgusting term of cis scum.

Grow up. You want to be treated equal? You want respect? Have respect for everyone else and don’t blame them for what they can’t control. It runs both ways.

If people treat you like shit, then they’re assholes. It doesn’t matter if they’re straight, white, or WHATEVER. It just means they’re a horrible person. It has nothing to do with their color or gender or sexuality. 

(via fleshsuppers)